Our History

Guy night started a while back, some time in the mid 90's. Back then, we played D&D until dawn. Time passed, and our group grew smaller as several of us graduated college and moved away. But, some remained! and we still met every week. Through the years, our group dwindled in size from as little at 2, but has had quite a resurgence in the last several years, bringing us to our current number of 10 regulars.

Our Story

We are a group of guys from a wide variety of backgrounds. Amongst our ranks are teachers, musicians, IT professionals, comedians, law enforcement, finance, administration, retail, manufacturing, customer service, and more!

We are husbands, fathers, church members,  coaches, educators, volunteers and more. We enjoy music, video games, trivial knowledge, sports, sci-fi, and film. Just to name a few.

But what makes us...us, is our friendship and loyalty to each other...even when we are making fun of each other or hitting each other in the balls with a dirty stuffed seal.

It all happens on Thursday night at Big Daddy's Man Cave, where men can be men.


Meet the Crew

The finest bunch o' fellas you'll ever want to meet!

Let me introduce you the great bunch of friends that make Guy Night great again (except for Vito who never shows)..


Tha Don

Founder & CEO

Wizard. Expert Skipper. Creator of Wicked Nachos, Master of Ceremonies, Dig Dug Dominator, Frogger Fantabuloso, friend of Q*bert. O.G. Repanzo Gastini



Master of Mr. Do!

Donner of Oversized Headwear. Fan of Winger and The Seattle Seahawks. Procurer of PS5's and Assembler of Trophies. Critic of Fine Cinema, Grand Master of the Poop Shoe Shuffle




The Original Sherlock Jones! The world's first Polish Super Hero: The PURPLE PIEROGI! Master of Ey Yo Booms and Space Invaders. Root Beer Enthusiast. Staunch Catholic and legit choir boy



Bad Parker

The Sea Calf Extraordinaire; Dig-Dug! Treasurer. Cooter, Wearer of chest hair, picker upper of Caramello's, bends cards, likes beer cheese. Makes a poor ghost. Watch out for that Dugong Flipper, Mac!




Official Time Pilot, Barangatik, and Citizen of Hyrule, Fan of  Dan Fogleberg and White Lion. Member of the Arishikage Clan. Always carries toothpicks and a pen



Keeps L.A. Looks in Business

Man of great posture, calves, and hair. Likes Stargates, sleep cursing, & long uncomfortable hugs, seeker of M-80's, Once invented a Time-Travelling Toilet. Intolerant of gluten



Mr. Chewy Bite-Ums

A German. Picky Eater! A Man of Music, Master of Marble Madness and Ms. Pac-Man. Once on the wrong end of a Roman Chop! Loves Disney, chewing on pens, and calling Level One's


Poop Pod

Pooped in a Pod

Our newest member. An even worse artist than Kreinberg. If there is a pod, Poop Pod will poop in it. Has incredible command of farts. So much, in fact that he is the world's first Fart Summoner. Squinty. Needs glasses.

2018 Winners



Master of Track & Field and Tapper. Professional Table Greaser & Oiler of Joysticks. Likes putting fingerprints on glass. Chatterbox.  Always Tardy. Likes paper to eat




Consumer of plants & Italian seltzer. Rode the Shoopuff...Twice!! Took the Paqui Challenge, eater of all my ice cream. Friend of Sausage. Speaks French. Scared of moths


Fast O


He's Orange, he's fast, he's Fast Orange! Drives like a jerk, carries a firearm. Likes rap, eats chicken. Brings his own BBQ Sauce. Prone to fits of rage when jumping in the thickets during a nice game of Frogger.




Queen of Farts, Barker of Great Annoyance, Eater of Garbage, Licker of Legs! Likes the taste of Italians. Big fan of soppressata. RIP Sweet Baby Girl

Next Steps...

I know what you're thinking...How can I be a part of all this greatness? It's simple!