The Events

To the Victors...

Listed below are the results for the Major Event (Arcade Olympics) and the Minor Events (The Fall Event and Iron Man Mancathlon) as well as statistical breakdowns. You will also see a slideshow of the winners and runners-up. Only the greatest among us will take home the trophy and be recorded in history.

The Events

Arcade Olympics Results

Listed below you will see a complete account of all Arcade Olympics results since its inception in 2015.


Major Event

Arcade Olympics Gallery

Complete Arcade Olympics gallery. See the winners, the runners up, and the bottom feeders below:

2024 Winners

2024 Runners Up

2024 Mediocre Marvels

2024 Bottom Feeders

2023 Winners

2023 Runners Up

2023 Mediocre Marvels

2023 Bottom Feeders

2022 Winners

2022 Runners Up

2022 Mediocre Marvels

2022 Bottom Feeders

2021 Winners

2021 Runners Up

2021 Bottom Feeders

2020 Winners

2020 Runners-Up

2020 Bottom Feeders

2019 Winners

2019 Runners-Up

2019 Bottom Feeders

2018 Winners

2018 Runners-Up

2017 Winners

2016 Winners

2015 Winners

PLUS Celebrity appearances to congratulate the victor!!!

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Minor Events

The Fall Event & Iron Man Mancathlon

See below for complete Fall Event and Iron Man Mancathlon records and statistical breakdowns since their inception in 2017. Coming soon...

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Minor Events

Fall Event Results

Complete Fall Event records and statistical breakdown coming soon...

2021 Atari Trowback

2020 Coin-OP (Won by the Team of Doug and Steve)

2019 Democracy in Action

2018 Pac-Attack

2017 Kong-Off!!


Minor Events

Iron Man Mancathlon Results

Complete Iron Man Mancathlon records and statistical breakdown coming soon...

Minor Events

One-Off Events & Tournaments

Info coming soon...

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