This is where we answer the most common questions you might have.

Can anyone join?


I'm a girl, can I come?


I'm a stupid kid, can I come?

Of course not.

You guys are so kewl, do your friends ever puss out and not show up for all that fun?

Unfortunately, yes.

Where do I park?

Not in front of the sidewalk entrance, that's for sure.

Should I walk through the grass?


My wife/Girlfriend has me on a tight leash. Will you have mercy on me?


I don't understand the Guy Night Achievement List. Can you explain?

Think of them as Playstation trophies or XBox achievements. The columns show the trophy name (basically flavor text), what you have to do to get it, and what it is worth (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum). See the document for more. More details below.

Where are the high scores, rewards, attendance etc...?

It's an Excel document, look for the tabs. It's best viewed on a computer rather than a phone.

How often is the Guy Night Achievement List updated?

All the time. It's a living document that will always give you the most recent version.

I know you're OCD, but is it OK if I bend cards, leave garbage for you to pick up, and get fingerprints on the arcade glass?


Is it Ok to shout with reckless abandon with people sleeping upstairs?


Hey, I should have X achievement! Why isn't it recorded?

A few things: I try to keep up, but I suggest jotting down your achievements in the binder on Thursday nights. I periodically go through the binder and add any written entries to the spreadsheet.

I suggest recording your high score down on the Personal Records tab then checking the Achievements tab and seeing what your score qualifies for. This also applies for non-arcade achievements. Check the Scoring tab for scoring details.

A bronze achievement is worth 1 point, silver 3, gold 10, platinum 25. Achievements satisfy lower ranks, for example: If you score a gold, you will automatically score a silver and bronze.

The bottom of the Achievements page has a running total, your current level, rank, and what is needed for next level.

Check the Rewards tab for yummy rewards for each level. Choices of rewards can be from current level or lower.

Also of note, some games have not yet been benchmarked for scoring, thus they are reflected showing a score needed of xxx. Achievements cannot be earned until benchmarked. Scores used in benchmarking (finding out the best score for each level of achievement) cannot be used for automatically satisfying that achievement- it would have to be played again after scores were set.

The only scores that can be used retroactively are ones recorded for the seasonal events, since strict records are kept.