The Arcade Olympics

Since 2015, a fine group of friends assemble every Spring to duke it out for the Annual Arcade Olympics! Games are randomly selected from a selection of approximately 100 arcade classics. Records are retained, and the winner of the previous event will go first on the next game, with second place going next, etc. The event continues until all players have played five events.

The Fall Event

Every Fall, the gang assembles for a yet another contest. Think of it as the Intercontinental Championship as opposed the Heavyweight Championship Belt that is the Arcade Olympics. This event is usually themed. Such events as The Kong-Off, where the games played are all Donkey Kong Related, or Pac-Attack, where the games are a random selection of Pac-Man related titles. The list goes on!

The Iron Man Mancathlon

Each Christmas season, we gather to test our might in physical combat... well, more like darts and stuff. Teams are randomly selected and we square off to test our might in challenges such as , billiards, shuffleboard, darts, glide hockey, shuffle-bowling, foosball, ping-pong, etc. Five events are selected and the highest ranking team wins the Iron Man Mancathlon! May the best men win!!!

What Else?

Although not planned and structured, we have been known to assemble an impromptu tournament or activity. Such events include...




Impromptu tournaments that include such arcade greats like Golden Tee, Shuffleshot, Coors Light Bowling, Mortal Kombat 3, Tecmo Bowl, NHL '94, NES Ice Hockey, and NBA Jam, just to name a few. See below!



Bucket List Activities

You know those games you had but never beat? Yeah, the tough ones like NES classics TMNT, The Adventure of Link, etc. Well, we take a night and power through them and end it once and for all!


The Physical Challenge


It's not all just video games on Guy Night! We compete on a regular basis with various rec-room games, card games, board games and party games. We are no one-trick ponies over here, no sir!

Sounds Awesome! What Else?

So much more! But first, the rewards!


The Arky Award!

The Ultimate Prize

Yes, this is the big Daddy of them all! The Heavyweight Champ! The winner of the Arcade Olympics takes home the trophy for the year and has his name forever emblazoned in glory!


It's on...

Become a Legend

Do it, Do it!


The Pac-y Award!


The Pac-Maniac to take home this award for the year is the victor of the illustrious Fall Event!!! The Intercontinental Champ! Can you take home them both?

Other Tournaments

That's not all! Click HERE for more tournaments

Next Steps...

I know what you're thinking..."Holy Smokes! that sounds like so much fun! How can I be part of it?!!" The answer is simple...